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My child free week has thus far included:

  • a steady diet of coffee, chocolate, water, and hot chips
  • watching complete tv series from start to finish
  • several late night movie fests ranging from horror, sci fi, fantasy, and maybe a Brad Pitt movie
  • baking and icing a chocolate cake and eating the whole thing.  In one day.
  • sleeping until lunchtime and then laying in bed for another hour reading a book
  • doing crossword puzzles
  • crocheting a funky market bag and then stuffing it into the bottom of the wardrobe
  • doing my nails
  • doing my hair
  • going through my entire wardrobe to create new outfits that I’m not sure I’m game enough to wear in public
  • listening to either my heavy metal playlist or the newly created playlist of hundreds of songs from my youth
  • creating a Homeresque ass-groove on the lounge (put on a pot of coffee Marge)
  • lying on the trampoline in the sunshine
  • entire days that I haven’t gotten out of my pyjamas
  • playing video games including one where I get to be a cowboy with a samurai sword, yeehaa!

Yes, that’s right people.  I have regressed to being a teenager.  This is apparently what happens when I am left alone with no responsibilities and nowhere I have to be.  Isn’t it awesome?

Now, anyone that knows me, knows that staying at home is not my idea of the perfect holiday (that includes an island, thirty degree tropical days, a pool, and scantily clad buff waiters bringing me cocktails), but this has been kinda fun and a little enlightening about what my life would be like if I were allowed to be completely hedonistic.

There was going to be some moralistic message here about the realities of life, the meaning of life, the pure joy of responsibilities, and the growth that comes with hardship, blah blah but then I read back through it and got distracted by all the awesomeness…

Maybe next week.


Chillin In My Snuggie (Lazy Sunday)

Leonard Nimoy awesomeness… milk and porn.