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Outside The Comfort Zone

The Bug and I went for a drive this morning, to drop some things off at the tip (decluttering) and to pick up some eggs.  We drove past our little local store and there were no parking spaces.  On an impulse I said to the Bug, wanna go for a drive?  Yes! was her answer so off we went.

We visited another little town about half an hours drive away.  We enjoyed the drive, talked and played games, and wandered around some new little crafty and antique shops.  The Bug had a great time, ‘bought’ (meaning Mummy bought) a cradle for her favourite stuffed toy Lion, bought (meaning Mummy gave her money and she paid herself) a piece of chocolate as a treat, and loved going for the walk in a new place.  We drove home playing a guessing game that had the Bug in stitches.

We took two hours instead of 15 minutes.  We spent more money than we intended and bought more than eggs.  But we had a great time!

Even a trip to the shop can be an adventure if you get outside your comfort zone.  It doesn’t always have to be a drama or just another thing to do in the day.  Enjoy your weekend my friends 🙂