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Bouquet of Flowers

So, I’ve been questioning my direction, my career, my life in general.

It never stops amazing me, how the universe can be so damn mysterious, the path ahead can be so foggy, and then there is a moment of clarity when a random sequence of events turn on the light I couldn’t find the switch to.

As usual, in my quest to do something else, an unrelated piece of my life puzzle fell into place.  I love how that happens.  I never see it at the time, only afterwards when I’m wondering how I got where I ended.

I met a woman today – a hilariously blunt woman who told me I was a bouquet of flowers, one of the most random and entertaining compliments I’ve heard – about new job opportunities.  In between explaining to me why there was a bottle of wine in the meeting room and asking me what did I think a photocopier sales person did, she told me about a potential employer who just happens to run the place where my dream job lies.  In my usual research-happy nerdy way, I googled this employer to find out their background, to see a photo, to know what to expect, and found a personal interest story written in the local news.  Her story made me ashamed to realise that I have been taking the opportunity to attain an eduction for granted.

I was prepared to quit my degree, to put it on hold indefinitely.  I flinched (hopefully unnoticed) every time it was mentioned as a strength in my interview today, as I still hadn’t quite made up my mind what to do.  And then I read the story of a little girl, born in Turkey, who was not going to be sent to school because one child in the family was already educated and her father needed someone to sell their produce.  She pushed to learn.  She infuriated her father by going to school anyway.  She worked hard, she fought hard, and is doing amazing things with everything she has learned.

I hope to meet this woman one day.  I hope I have the opportunity to learn from her because she has taught me so much already.  I’m not giving up.  The chance to learn is something I need to put more value on.  And so, in looking for work, I rediscovered why I want to graduate from university.


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