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A Motley Bunch of Plants and A Stud Called Spike

My week of gardening continues…

Below are today’s projects – before shots.  I hope to be able to do something pretty with them in the next few days.

the bootthe motley bunch

I have absolutely no idea what is in the cluster of pots (pot luck, ha!).  I can see a Swiss Cheese Plant (yes, its actual name – it’s botanical name is even better Monstera deliciosa).  I can see a palm (obviously) and a bunch of succulents.  I’m totally in love with the cactus boot which also appears to have what is either a weed or a shamrock (which is a weed anyway?) growing with it.

The kickass big cactus at the back, a candelabra cactus I’m told, or Euphorbia, is going in that wooden planter at the front and is going to look rather impressive.  His name is Spike (as if I would name a cactus anything else lol) and I’m told he has spent most of his life being a stud cactus in a nursery.  Enjoy your retirement in my garden, Spike.  I’m sure you’ve earned it.


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