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Random Journey Stories

Someone asked me today, what my life would look like, what I would be like, if I could achieve the next step in my personal healing – moving from maintaining and coping to growing and progressing.  It was a great question, as it forced me to look beyond the steps that I need to take and look at why I’m taking them, what I want the destination to be so that I can plan the journey.

Because the next part of the journey is beginning.  It’s amazing to me that I can look back on my life so far and there are distinctive ‘blocks’ of journey; it never feels that way at the time, things don’t feel like they are changing from one phase to another until the transformation is complete, yet I can clearly see entire periods of my life with a theme.


A few weeks ago, I took my cats on a road trip.  I don’t think this is something a lot of people do, I think it’s much more common to take dogs on road trips, however the cats and I did quite well.  They travelled fine in the car, and didn’t freak out at their temporary accommodations that they had to share with two other cats, who happened to be their sisters (I don’t think that matters too much to cats, although I think my 6yo expected them to hug and have a family reunion).  After some hissing and growling, they sorted out the pecking order and worked out territories – my cats claimed the lounge room, the other two cats got to keep the kitchen.  I was really proud of my babies for working it out and dealing with it.  They did hide under the bed for a while when we first got there, and gave me this look…

if looks could kill

but they forgave me – they love their mummy too much to stay mad long.  Plus, I feed them.

The reason for my road trip?  My devotion to all things Whedon.  I’ve been waiting, as have Joss fans everywhere, for years to see Cabin in the Woods.  I have avoided spoilers, trailers, even cast lists.  I finally had the opportunity to see it on the big screen.  I just had to drive 7 hours in this…


Totally worth it.  Aside from the cinema serving wine and cheese (my kind of cinema)…


…the movie was fabulously awesome.  Best. Horror. Movie. Ever.

The trip home the next day was one of the worst I’ve ever done – 200kms in the first 4 hours due to an accident and roadworks.  Two adults, a hyper 6yo, and two cats.  In torrential rain.

Still worth it.  Didn’t regret it for a minute.

Some of the best things in life can only come with pain and discomfit.  All things in balance.


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