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Warm Love

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Twelve months ago, I was in the depths of a cold and lonely winter.  The days were grey, the nights were long, and no matter how much I rugged up or sat next to the heater the warmth never seemed to reach all the way in.

Have you ever been so wrapped up in how miserable you are, that you forget that it doesn’t have to be that way?  You lose sight of the fact that you can change things.  It took my Bug to open my eyes; we went somewhere warm for a holiday and she asked if we really had to go back to that cold place.  No, I said.  No, we don’t.

I literally sat down with a map and looked at every town.  For the first time in my life, I could choose where I went, based on nothing but that being where I wanted to live.  I wasn’t following a job or a person or a dream.  I moved to Paradise because the only memories were good ones, the air was clean, the beaches untouched, and my Bug and I could finally make ourselves a home.

I watched my Bug chase her shadow up the beach this morning and listened as she told me she had a theory that all the rocks along the beach were fossilised dinosaurs.  We climbed over rocks, explored rock pools, got soaked by rogue waves, and played in the winter sun.  Being here with her fills me with such a pure joy, these moments of simple happiness do so much to chase away the nightmares of the past.

I soak up the warmth like a sponge.  It goes all the way through to the middle now.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank the universe for leading me here, to this place.  So many roads, so many choices, had to twist and turn to get us here.  I chose warmth.  It was and always will be the right decision.


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