Fun Family & Good Friends – that's what life should be about


Fun, Family, and Good Friends.

Last weekend had all of those in abundance.  It was the cruisy kind of weekend that I used to have all the time.  It’s been years since that was my norm.  I’m enjoying getting it back.

We spent three hours at the markets, my Bug and I.  Wandering.  Looking.  Talking.  I watched as she played on the river bank.  I watched as she sat entranced by the buskers singing Blackbird.  She ate an ice cream under a tree while I looked at books.  She asked the face painter, a mum from her school, if she could have a rainbow butterfly.  The result was so beautiful the face painter asked if she could take a photo.  The smell of the seafood and chicken paella, rich with spices and flavour, cooked in a massive wok, was irresistible.  The Bug took one look at mine, tasted a prawn, and asked for her own, my little miss who doesn’t like sauce or ‘spiky’ foods.


I bought a drop pearl necklace, to be picked up next market, so that they can shorten it for me – I’ve wanted a simple chain necklace for ages that just sat at the base of my throat.  We bought a puppy dog treat for our visitors that were arriving later that day, a biscuit bone with I Wuf You in carob icing.  We bought farm fresh fruit and vegies.  We sampled cheeses – I was most impressed by my Bug trying and liking everything, including the blue cheeses.  We looked at clothes and hats and toys and art and jewellery and sauces.  It was a warm winter day in paradise.

Breakfast the next day was at our favourite local cafe.  Our constant companion was our friends’ beautiful (large) puppy K, it was fun to be creative and work out where we could go with her.  A trip to the beach to walk off breakfast and let K run around in the surf.  A visit to the pet shop where K was welcome to come inside, the Bug bought her a new ball to play with.  A walk around town along the river, stopping every few steps for someone to admire K.  Fish and chips by the river while the Bug played in the playground.  Home for afternoon tea, sitting around the table outside and catching up with two people that will always have a special place in my heart.  Dinner discussions that led to the supermarket for steak and salad supplies.  We were so busy talking after dinner we forgot the apple pie that was in the oven lol.  Oops.  Eyelids were drooping and yawns were contagious by the time we said goodnight.

Coffee and a light breakfast at my second favourite local cafe 🙂 K was very excited to meet a gorgeous husky dog.  Bug was excited because she was allowed to have a custard tart and babycino for breakfast, followed by a party pie.  We said goodbye to our friends and wandered around the shops for a few hours, buying some new winter clothes.  The Bug loves the “$2 shop” because I give her $2 so she can buy herself something.  She bought me a cake container lol.  I bought an antivirus I don’t need just because it was packaged with awesome pink speakers (for the Bug) that didn’t come separately.  Yes, I do things like that.

Our weekend was filled with quiet moments.  Conversations.  Hugs.  Happiness.  Laughs.  Nothing out of the ordinary except that it hasn’t been our ordinary.  It was a stunning reminder to me of how life is supposed to be, how far at times it has been from there.  The days of anxieties and fears and stress and worries and tears are receding, going back into the hole they came from.  Light and rainbows and joy are gradually filling the shadows.  Piece by piece, our world is coming alive again, moving from stasis to something new.  Something better.


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  1. It is wonderful to see you and Bug so happy… Life can be so much better when you focus on the simple happy moments

    June 16, 2012 at 4:03 pm

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