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Me & The Sea

It can be hard to take a ‘good’ photo of the ocean; I was thinking about this as I was driving along the coast.  The ocean looked magnificent – shades of grey and white, powerful waves bloated by the storm.

It’s easy to get a close up photo that looks artistically good.  You get the light right, the colours, the sky, and you can capture a small piece of paradise.

But that’s the problem isn’t it?  You can only ever capture a small piece on a camera.  A tiny fragment of what was there for that second and has now moved on, a drop in the vastness of the whole.

Photos of the wide ocean tend to look flat.  And so they should.

The beauty of the ocean comes from seeing it as the eye sees it, the expanse that opens up before you and you need to move to take it all in.

The constant and neverending surging of the surf that can mesmerise you, wave after wave forming, taking shape, peaking, and returning to the ocean.

From being there and feeling the wind against your skin, hearing the steady roar of the waves, smelling the fresh salt.

That feeling of peace and serenity and nature and purity that comes from just being near the ocean.

I love going to sleep at night and hearing the ocean.  I love knowing that it’s just there.


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