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Dinner Conversation

A couple of months ago, a fellow blogger asked “Who’s your favourite superhero?

I really like that as a way to get to know someone.  It opens up a whole line of conversation that may otherwise go unexplored.  It can say a lot about someone, who they admire, what qualities attract them, in what ways they empathise, how they see themselves.

Just for fun, I’ve been daydreaming about my fantasy dinner party.  Who would I invite?  Since this line of thought goes along with who would I like to meet, I’m keeping it to actual people (not characters) who are currently alive, although there are obviously no rules.

I’m not much of a celebrity watcher.  I think I’ve seen too many in real life, in boring and unflatteringly human situations, to idolise them.  Most famous people are, I think, just ordinary people who happen to be famous.

But there are some great minds out there and those are the people that interest me.  Two must-haves at my dream dinner are Stephen King and Joss Whedon (that’s as far as I’ve gotten…).

Both are highly imaginative non-linear thinkers who create their own ‘verses with flawed and human characters that you can’t help care about.  They both constantly slip easter egg characters and references amongst their ‘verses for the diehard fans who instantly recognise them and feel like they’re home.  They unashamedly pay homage to their inspirations and idols and fearlessly put themselves out there with self-deprication and humour.

By the way, my favourite superhero?  Buffy.  Of course.



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