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The Art of Little Stabs

It’s no secret that I’m (re)learning how to sew and putting a certain amount of time and effort into it.

I’ve had this book for a few years, but haven’t done anything more than have a look at the beautiful pictures and dream of a life in which I am capable of making such things.

The sewing technique sashiko is described in this book, however it wasn’t until I was going through a Martha Stewart book (yes really) that I really looked at it, and thought, I’d really like to learn how to do that.  The intricate, symbolic, yet simplistic patterns appeal to me.  They are striking and visually fascinating and I see a challenge.

The Seven Treasures of Buddhism (Shippo)

The Blue Waves (Seigaiha)

So a pair of sashiko needles are on their way to me, watch this space for some samples that will most likely not look like those above… at least for a while…


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