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Pretty & Shiny Day

My plans for today didn’t include anything more exciting that crossing some errands off my list, doing some washing, and maybe watching a movie or reading the book that arrived in the post this morning (Parasol Protectorate, yay!).

Since I moved two months ago, my sewing machine (still in it’s box, unopened since I bought it and realised there was no point setting it up in the middle of moving) has sat on my sewing table, with my mother’s borrowed overlocker (in it’s box too), surrounded by random boxes of sewing and craft stuff (and paperwork.  And newspapers.  And my desk instructions.).  Last night, while I was waiting for the Bug to get herself ready for bed, I just looked at it and decided it was time.

I got as far as moving the sewing table and dining table (switching their positions), moving a bookcase that was in the way of where I wanted everything else to go, unpacking the machines, and was sitting on the desk reading the manual when it was time to put the Bug to bed.

This morning I decided to go to the fabric shop purely with the intention of buying thread, and to the op shop to buy some scrap material to have a play with my new sewing machine.

Yeah, because you only ever buy what you go out to buy :s

Once in the fabric shop, I got distracted (because I am usually so focused lol) by all the pretty shiny, all the torturous looking sewing equipment, and all the plasticky things that look useful but I have no idea what they do and I want them anyway.  Ahem.

Well, at least the op shop won’t cost me much, I thought, 20/50c pieces of fabric.  Yep.  I did indeed spend a whole $2.60 on fabric (and a bag of assorted buttons).  And then I went into the danger zone of the op shop.  The furniture section.

The first thing I saw was this…

And I immediately think, oh pretty and shiny (can you tell I have a thing for pretty and shiny?).  But my sensible brain kicks in and says, you don’t need.  Very true, but it won’t hurt to go and have a look, even though I know that there is nothing I could possible use it for.  I opened the top and rolling around inside was the spool of thread that you can see sitting on top, and the idea that it would make the perfect sewing cupboard emerged fully formed, and I was lost.

Fifteen minutes later, it was in the back of my car (as I was paying a woman looked at me ruefully and said “you bought what I wanted” – everybody that came in the shop was checking it out, I am so lucky to have snapped it up).  And then I spent the rest of the afternoon going through all of my odd bags and boxes and bits and bobs to collate all my sewing stuff into one area, for the first time EVER.

I even put all my craft and paint supplies in a separate box, all together for the first time.

I love that I have somewhere to showcase this…

Everything fit in the bottom shelves like it was made for me…

I even found all of my beading supplies from when I made suncatchers, complete with crystals and charms…

Who doesn’t love a glass jar full of buttons and beads?

Oh, and this is my calendar that hangs above the pretty shiny new bureau (that, incidentally, only cost $40)…

Support fire fighters!  $ go to burn victims 🙂


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