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School Girl Crush

I have a list.  It’s not so much written down anywhere.  It lives in my head (where all good things live lol) and it’s been there for years.

I have a list of things that I want to own.  Collect.  Value.  Keep.  Look at.  Be proud of.  One day when I grow up (says the 30-something year old…)

To anyone else, the things on my list are probably a hodge-podge of odd randomness, insignificant and without meaning.  To me, everything on my list represents something, has a memory attached.

Like one day, I want to own an authentic church pew.  I don’t care what condition it’s in, as long as it’s lived a long and happy life in a church somewhere.  Plain carved wood.  Why?  Because I remember many days as a child, going with my mother, to our local church as she and her friends took their place in the cleaning roster.  I was always given the job of polishing the varnished pews.  The smell of Mr Sheen still takes me back there.

I want to own an authentic (not necessarily working) Wurlitzer jukebox.  I am a retro girl and I love everything these jukeboxes represent.  The more innocent times.  The rock’n’roll.  The swinging skirts.  The fun.  Plus, they’re pretty and colourful lol.

I want to own the first edition signed print of one of my favourite books.

Today, I got something from my list.  It’s not much to look at.  It’s big and impractical.  The people I bought it off tell me that it has spent many years in a doctor’s surgery where many young children who are now adults sat and drew pictures and coloured in.  Before it lived that life, many young children sat surrounded by it’s solid wood frame and learned and shaped their beautiful minds.  It’s gorgeous and it’s mine.  As a child who grew up in a small country town in the 80s, this brings back the days of the old school classroom.

As far as the Bug knows, this is her new art desk and she thinks I’m the most awesome Mummy.  We won’t tell her that it’s really a present for Mummy 🙂

She’ll grow out of it one day and then it will be all mine…



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