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A Pretty Update

It’s been a long cold winter, but the weather is warming and the garden is starting to get some attention again.  After spending a couple of hours pulling all the weeds out, some pretties raised their heads (I have no idea what the last one is, if anyone knows)…













These are all the empty pots, mostly from things that died over winter, or got repotted into the garden.  Any day now they will be transformed with herb seeds and hopefully some dwarf sunflower seeds…  Oh and a coffee plant 😉    (and yes I know I need to do something about the weeds in the path…)


Remember how I said almost everything I own has a story?

For some of my favourite things, their story is that I don’t know their story.  I bought a pair of soapstone Chinese lion statues at an auction house years ago.  On the bottom was this…


I have no idea what it says, maybe one day I’ll find out.  For now, it’s a happy mystery 🙂


A new pretty has joined my house this week and it’s story is my current mystery (see slideshow).  I fell instantly in love and there was no way it was not coming home with me.  I’m intrigued with what it was originally used for, what the writing says, what the weird hollow behind the front plaque is for, what the slot in the back was for.  I’m guessing its a ww2 Japanese something.  It is simply gorgeous.  The thick leather strap, faded and wrinkled, and yet showing no sign of breaking.  The smell of the wood and the shadow of whatever the box used to hold.  It’s old, solid, rich with character, and ripe with possibilities.  I’d love to know if anyone has any clues about my new pretty…

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